Just an update on my rerooting project. I haven’t made as much progress as I would’ve liked, due to more pressing things. I did figure out how to make the hair even nicer though! I soaked the hair bundles in pure fabric softener overnight, then washed almost all of it out. Finally I flat ironed and combed it while it was still wet with water and fabric softener. A bit messy, but definitely worth the results!! It is somehow even softer, has better drape, and the flat ironing got rid of the frizzy ends! Woo! Make sure to wash the rest of the fabric softener out, after ironing, or else it will feel a bit sticky and stringy when dry. Overall, I am very happy with this dollar tree hair, in the end. I would recommend it to someone looking for nice hair on a budget. It is not the highest quality hair, but it is very nice for the price!

Next I am going to try to dye the white blond color I bought. I will post the results, of course. :)

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